WATCH: ‘Transgender’ Antifa Brat Gets Brutal Lesson After Stabbing Police Horse In Neck

Stock image of police horses (left), Lisa Simon (right)
A rumored transgender individual was in for a bit more than she bargained for after deciding to pick a fight with police. As it turns out, the Pennsylvania woman was part of an Antifa protest when she decided to stab a police horse in the neck – and that’s about the time she got a brutal lesson that she’ll never forget.

The incident took place outside the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg as Americans gathered for the “March Against Sharia.” However, they weren’t alone as a few members of Antifa showed up to participate in a counterprotest against the anti-Islam sentiments being expressed

According to FOX 43, Lisa Simon, 23, was among the far-left attendees, and she apparently came ready to crack a few skulls. In fact, she would later prove just that as she squared off with police as they sought to control the crowd.

As one would imagine, several Pennsylvania State Police Troopers and officers from the Harrisburg Police force assembled – some of whom were on horses – to help the protest move from the steps of the Capitol throughout the midtown area. Of course, this means that they had to help keep fights from breaking out, corralling certain groups in another direction.

During one such time, an Antifa group found themselves being steered away from the people they were protesting by police on horses. However, what no one was expecting was what Simon – who Bare Naked Islam suggests may be a transgender – had in mind.

Armed with a flagpole, the woman got ready for a fight with police and began to attack one of the horses. Police explain that Simon had a nail affixed to the end of her flag pole to use as a weapon, which she used on one of their horses.

Amid the chaos, Simon stabbed a police horse named Sampson in the neck, prompting officers to spring into action. Just like that, they taught her a brutal lesson and showed her just how much she was actually in control of the situation.

Lisa Simon as she was arrested
Although she tried to resist, police were able to tackle her to the ground and arrest the entitled brat before hauling her off to prison where she belongs. In all, Simon has been charged with aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstruction administrative law.

Currently, she is being held at the Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bail. Of course, it wasn’t long before other members of Antifa began to complain, prompting them to release a statement reading:

“A comrade was arrested while trying to demonstrate against an anti-Muslim rally in Harrisburg, PA. The charges are entirely fabricated and do not reflect what actually happened during the incident. The bail is set at an extraordinary $100,000. It is clear that this person is being held as a political prisoner, and we must make it known that we will not be intimidated by a militarized police, that we will remain resolute in standing by the values of our movement, and that we will continue to combat fascism wherever it attempts to spread.”

The fact of the matter here is that civilized society depends on law and order. You don’t just get to do whatever your heart desires. If you can’t follow the rules, you will be put in a cage like the animal you are.

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