Mom Paralyzed after Fall Down Flight of Stairs. Five Days Later, Husband of 14 Years Says It’s Over

Becoming paralyzed is often the most difficult challenge anyone can face in their life. When it happens, those individuals need friends and family to stay by their side more than ever.

Mom of 4, Riona Kelly, never expected to feel so helpless. But after suffering from a spinal stroke and falling down a flight of stairs, Kelly became paralyzed from the waist down.

A spinal stroke is a disruption in the blood system to the spinal cord. They are rare and only account for approximately 1.25 percent of all strokes.

To add insult to injury, while still in the hospital, Kelly’s husband of 14 years left. When she needed him most, her supporter and the father of their four children gave up on their marriage.

He claims that he broke things off the morning before Kelly’s stroke. Either way, he left her during a time when she was down and could have used his help.


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