Cops Were Hoping It Was A Rumor, Then They Started To Dig In Her Backyard. Entire Town Devastated

Known as a “good girl” by friends and family, an 18-year old cheerleader from Ohio now faces a long jail sentence after police uncovered the grotesque truth about what she was trying to hide.

Brooke Skylar Richardson faces charges of reckless homicide after authorities uncovered remains of her newborn buried in her backyard. The evidence suggests it was not a stillborn baby, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell. It was “born alive” said Mr. Fornshell, and “law enforcement is continuing to treat this as an ongoing investigation.”

Authorities received a tip from a local doctor to investigate the Richardson family home in Carlisle, Ohio. The tip came too late to save the baby, unfortunately, as forensic evidence shows it had been buried for over two months.

While the coroner has yet to determine the official cause of death, Richardson has already taken a clear position. On Friday she pleaded not guilty to the charges laid out against her by the State Prosecution Office, and according to FOX 5 Ms. Richardson was bonded out of custody until her preliminary hearing date on August 1st.

Her Attorney, Charles Rittgers, made it clear that this horrific act is at odds with Ms. Richardson’s character.

“She didn’t drink. She wasn’t a partier or smoker … She’s by all measures a very good person, ” according to Attorney Rittgers.

It is clear that Brooke Richardson forgot the most important instinct a mother can have: to protect her baby from any wrongdoing. No matter what her friends, family or attorney say about her being a “good person” in life, the fact is that what she did to her baby has all the signs of a sociopath. It’s crazy to think that her attorney describes her as a “good person” only two months after she knowingly murdered her newborn baby in her parents backyard. How disgusting and scary is that!

It’s still too early in the case to say how it will turn out, but one thing is for sure: Brooke Richardson should pay for her misdeed. This case brings to mind Casey Anthony, another young mother who ruthlessly took the life of her own baby. Let’s hope that Brooke Richardson faces the full punishment for her crime – unlike Casey Anthony who was able to walk free.

The legal system has a lot of nuances that make it hard to navigate sometimes. This is certainly true in the case of Brooke Richardson. Some will say that she should be locked up for years to pay for the crime of killing her own child. Others would say she was caught in a web of factors that were too overwhelming for her to change. Perhaps she did not want the child but felt pressure from her boyfriend or her family. From this point of view, Brooke Richardson has a strong case to plead not guilty of the charge of murder. It’s cases like these that show just how liberal our society has become.

VIDEO: Punk Kid Blows Cigar Smoke in Teacher’s Face, Gets Bitter Justice He Never Saw Coming

Back in late 2016, a 10-second YouTube video showing a North Little Rock High School student defiantly blowing smoke from a cigar in his teacher’s face went viral. The student — and the people who filmed it — probably thought that they were immune from punishment.

They thought wrong.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, that student, 18-year-old Christopher Dunn, was arrested in January of 2016 when authorities in Little Rock charged him with harassment.

The paper added that the incident occurred on Dec. 14, 2015, after the Dunn refused a request to take his final exam in the hallway and his teacher threatened to write him up for it.

As the teacher reached for the intercom button, Dunn reportedly said, “Hit that button … I dare you.”

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Then as Dunn’s teacher turned away to pen the write-up, the rambunctious youngster lit a cigar, walked up to the teacher, took a drag and then blew the smoke in his face.

Thankfully, the whole incident was recorded and then uploaded to YouTube by a student known only as “J Doe.”

To see the encounter for yourself, please watch the video below:

Ruffians like Dunn are a dime a dozen in Little Rock, whose school district reportedly contracts with the Pacific Educational Group, a radical leftist organization that believes in combating alleged “white supremacy” by giving disruptive black teens special treatment.

Instead of inspiring students to behave better, however, this “special treatment” actually does the opposite by teaching young black kids that they will face zero consequences for their poor behavior and bad attitude.

This particular hooligan wound up getting the punishment he deserved anyway, thanks to the authorities in Little Rock.

Judging by what district officials told reporters, however, he will likely face zero in-house repercussions.

“The student will be disciplined according to district policy,” Micheal Stone, district director of student services, reportedly said in an email.

In other words, nothing will happen to him … besides him going to jail, of course.

H/T EAGnews

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Detroit Officer Glenn Doss Shot In The Head, Fighting For Life

A Detroit police officer was shot in the head on Wednesday night.

​Detroit, MI – A Detroit Police Department (DPD) officer was in critical condition after being shot in the head while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Wednesday night, police said.

An unnamed 43-year-old male suspect was arrested, WXYZ reported.

Officer Glenn Doss, 25, has been with DPD for two years, and is the father of a 9-month-old boy.

His father is also an officer with DPD.

“I’d like for everyone to please pray for my son,” Doss’ father said during a call to the DPD dispatch, according to WXYZ. “He only been on the job for two years and he has been shot in the head, please pray for my son.”

According to The Detroit News, police received a call at approximately 10:30 p.m. from a man who they believe later shot Officer Doss.

During the call, the suspect told the dispatcher “he had just assaulted his wife,” police said.

A female at the residence – possibly the suspect’s daughter – made a second call to the police for help, and said that the man had a gun, and seemed to have had a mental breakdown, Deputy Chief Elvin Barren said.

As police arrived on the scene, they saw an armed man outside who “took a stance whereby he was ready to fire a shot,” First Assistant Police Chief LaShinda Stair said.

Gunfire rang out, and an officer driving one of the patrol cars suddenly realized that his partner, Officer Doss, had been hit as he sat in the passenger seat.

The wounded officer was rushed to a local hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery.

Officer Doss was struck twice by bullets, and another DPD patrol car was also hit, WDIV reported.

The gunman barricaded himself inside a residence, and at one point threatened “suicide by cop,” Deputy Chief Barren said, according to The Detroit News.

He negotiated with a SWAT team for a while before ceasing communication, and was finally driven out of the home with chemical agents at approximately 2:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The gunman, who had at least nine handguns registered in his name, was apprehended without further incident. Police said he had previously been arrested for drugs, but had no convictions in his criminal history.

Officer Doss is a member of the 7th Precinct Special Operations Unit, Commissioner Willie Burton said, according to The Detroit News.

“He’s a great, hard-working officer. Members often see him at community meetings, talking with residents,” Commissioner Burton told the media.

“We’ve had too many losses in our department,” Assistant Police Chief Arnold Williams said from outside of the emergency room doorway. “We’ve had too many injured officers. It’s a hard job and we’re doing it for the community. Sometimes people lose that respect.”

Officer Doss was the third officer to be shot in Michigan on Wednesday.

Another officer was also murdered in Colorado.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Doss and his family, both blood and blue.

Hulk’ Star Lou Ferrigno: ‘Trump Is The Only Person That Actually Cares For His Country,“We Have To Respect Him. I Wish Donald Trump All The Best, He’s A Fabulous Guy, And Hope He Goes All The Way.”Do You Support Him?


The Incredible Hulk voiced a huge support for the current President of the United States, even before and during the 2016 Election.

Before the election, he was interviewed from a journalist from TMZ and when asked about Donald Trump, Lou left everyone speechless:

“I wish Donald Trump all the best, he’s a fabulous guy, I hope he goes all the way.”

“All about he cares is keeping our country safe, we have lots of problems and Donald can keep us safe, we have to give him the opportunity.” he added.

Now after more than a year with Donald Trump on the top, Lou feels like is the right time to say something huge when it comes to Trump’s presidency. He even defended Trump when Stephen Bannon harshly tried to offend our leader.

During another meeting, when asked about our leader’s inital year, he truly stated some important things:

“Trump didn’t disappoint America, as I expected. He took the opportunity to become a leader, and he deserves to stay there, because all he cares is us.”

“But it’s sad, because besides all that effort he invests for our country, there is still huge criticism,” he added.

“We have to respect him, because he is the only person that actually cares for this country,” he finished.

You’re the man Lou. Folks this is huge. Let’s share this article everywhere on social media. Let’s hit the liberals right in the face!

A Boy Walks Into A Police Station, Officer Drops To His Knees When He Sees It Around His Neck

Last September, little Jayden woken up in the middle of the night. The loud hum of the helicopters flying above and the blaring siren noises along the streets startled him from sleep. And as a five-year-old boy, he was terrified at the noises and what they meant. Jayden lives with his mother Deanna Hooker in Charlotte, North Carolina. And the ruckus was caused after the community erupted into riotous rage after the killing of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott. But the boy made it through the night with the support of his adoring mother. But the next day, things changed for Jayden. And that’s how he wound up in the police station.

When Deanna was driving Jayden to school the next morning, a report came in on the radio that said that police officers had been hurt. Jayden’s heart went out to the men and women of Charlotte who were dedicated to protecting him, his mother and his community. Jayden told his mother that he wanted to help the police officers and help make them feel better. That’s why Deanna and Jayden went to the local shop and picked up some doughnuts. Plus, little Jayden made a sign.

With the sign draped around Jayden’s neck, he walked into the local police station. As soon as the officer at the desk saw the little boy, the cop’s heart swelled with pride in the boy and sadness for the injured officers. But Jayden was there to offer some comfort to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep Charlotte safe.

Little Jayden’s sign read, “Free Hugs.” It was tied around his neck. And he wanted to come to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to put the sign into use to lift the cops’ spirits.

Jayden wasn’t just offering free hugs though, he really wanted to help the officers feel better, especially since some had been injured recently. Officers knelt down so the small Jayden could wrap his loving, little arms around them. And he looked each cop in the eye and told them that he wanted them to feel better and to not be too scared. Although Jayden had never met any of these officers, he felt pride in his community and wanted the cops to feel confident that they were doing good work although it was tough from day to day.

Because Jayden could understand that the police would be sad that their friends and coworkers got hurt, he wanted them to know that at least he was on their side – although the rest of the community seemed to be fighting against them.

Deanna brought her son’s story to the Facebook page called Love What Matters.

We all could be more generous with our empathy and support. People are suffering in many ways around this country. If we took a moment to look at it from their shoes, we could connect and help make the world a better place.

We can’t just leave it to 5-year-olds to show the adults how to be a good human.

Share this story and help build a home for a disabled veteran.

A Boy Walks Into A Police Station, Officer Drops To His Knees When He Sees It Around His Neck

He Thinks It’s Funny To Bully A Girl, Finds Out Painfully She’s Trained In Martial Arts [video]

Back in the Good Old Days, bullies used to have to pick on people in person and on the playground. This meant that they had to start fights, say rude things, and be just plain mean in front of a group of people. That meant you knew who the bullies were.

But because today’s children are growing up in the digital age, they have to deal with a new breed of bullies. Today’s bullies can easily attack from a distance – often anonymously – by using social media and the internet. Cyberbullying is on the rise and it extremely destructive. Not only can it ruin a young person’s reputation and self-esteem, it can drive people to commit suicide.

However, one girl refused to let a punk bully her on Facebook. As a result, she unleashed her inner Ronda Rousey and gave the bully an MMA smackdown that he won’t forget for a long time…

Victims of bullying want nothing more than to get back at their tormentors. And recently, we discussed how one Bakersfield, California victim baked a batch of tainted cupcakes and handed them out to her bullies. This was effective, but not as direct as what this girl did to her cyberbully.

Because the punk thought he could hide behind the distance of the internet, he never expected his victim to retaliate. But retaliate she did and now the video of him getting an MMA smackdown is going viral all over the world.

Everything started when the bully posted mean things about the victim on her Facebook page. She confronted him at school about his bad behavior. He didn’t like that. So the bully threw water on the girl.

When he embarrassed her in public, she went MMA on him like a true fighter.
Because the bully was getting what he deserved, another student took out their smartphone and started filming the fight.

After the clip went viral, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter Kit Dale, got the girl’s permission to share it with all of his fans by posting it for the world to see on his Facebook page.

“I always encourage people to learn martial arts to one, have the confidence to walk away so it doesn’t affect you, but if it does and you don’t have anywhere to back away, sometimes you’re going to need that to protect yourself,” Dale said.

Although the girl was just fighting back to a bully, she might have taken things a little too far. She was eventually suspended for the fight. The bully on the other hand did not leave the altercation stock free. He has a black eye that he’ll need to wear for a few days. Just more proof that he was beaten by a girl.

The boy is still at school. But if he decides to bully another person again (which is unlikely), we hope someone comes out and teaches him another lesson.
The clip has been viewed more than 18 million times on Kit Dale’s Facebook page.

Watch the video now and see how this girl did everything she needed to to teach the bully a lesson.

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Flashback: Uppity Woman Disrespects Soldier, Then Patriot Shuts Her Down Hard

It’s unbelievable, but some people still lack any sort of respect for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military.

Most of these people are either supremely self-centered or just leftists who generally don’t see why those who put their life on the line so they can sleep at night should be honored.

One of our active duty servicemen, back from a tour in Afghanistan, ran in to one of these snooty liberals during a visit to a fast food restaurant, according to a Facebook post shared in 2016 by

The soldier (name obscured here) posted his story on Facebook so that people would know that there are still people who honor those who don the uniform:

Seeing a liberal taken down like that would have been awesome enough. However, the story wasn’t over yet — not by a long shot.


This is a great story any way you slice it, but it should serve as a very important reminder to conservatives:

As much as it might seem daunting taking on aggressive, politically correct liberals, let’s not forget that there are far more of us than there are of them. The only reason we think liberalism is omnipresent is because liberals are much more willing to make themselves loud and obnoxious to get their point across.

Most of us will never find ourselves in a situation as perfect as this. However, there are still plenty of loud liberals.

When we come across them, let’s make sure to make our voices heard. Rest assured, someone around us will thank us for speaking up.

If we’re lucky, perhaps it will even be someone who honors the service of our brave men and women. Heck, they might even pay for our meal.

H/T Mad World News

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One of our nation’s active duty heroes was out to eat when an uppity liberal decided to disrespect him.

In just a few words, he managed to shame this woman HARD. Way to go!

BREAKING NEWS About Sarah Huckabee Sanders After Suffering Devastating Attack – She Needs Support Now

Even though Chelsea Handler’ outdated Netflix series is going down, she’s still loud. This comedian who is now trying to become an activist fired some brutal and disgusting shots at the White House’s Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders.
On the episode on Friday, Handler was doing an interview which she interrupted just to attack Sarah Sanders, by calling her a “harlot, a trollop” and a whore.

She even said that they (Trump and his associates) are dressing her up and trolloping her, every day.

To that Chandler added that Sanders one day appeared with no makeup on at all, and the next day she went full face, with long lashes, lipstick and deep cleavage.

She’s one to speak. There are images of her out there completely topless wearing tons on make up and even worse ones if you care to Google them!

The Chicago Tribune stands in defense of Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying that attacking Sanders personally has become the medias latest and lowest method of throwing attacks on the President himself.

Lately she has been accused for lying about baking a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving, and ruining the national holiday by humiliating the press corps by asking them why they are grateful.

This started after the White House’s Press Secretary shared a picture of a chocolate pecan pie with the caption,

“I don’t cook much these days, but managed this Chocolate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm!” April Ryan, the American Urban Radio Networks correspondent and a CNN political analyst, tweeted at Sanders the next day: “Show it to us on a table.”She then added, “I am not trying to be funny but folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it.”

This dispute raised up a viral debate. Sanders gracefully replied with the tweet “Don’t worry @AprilDRyan because I’m nice I’ll bake one for you next week 😉 #RealPie #FakeNews.”

Every time the White House uses the term “fake news” the media immediately associates it with the meaning “liberal based news”, but here information which has not been sourced or reported was actually spread by a CNN analyst.

Other liberal media continued the debate under the influence of Ryan’s fake news. MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on Saturday that she “cannot verify whether or not Sanders baked that pie.”

Todd Sterns called the White House and asked for news on which Sanders answered “Of course I made the pie.” She added that, “I make it for every holiday family gathering and have for years.”
Yet another punch was thrown at Sanders for asking reporters in a pre-Thanksgiving briefing, to state what they were thankful for before they asked their questions.

She got started by saying that among other things she was thankful for the people in the room, her faith and family. Almost all of the reporters in the room answered in a kindly matter.

Sanders is a good and respectable Christian, with all of her religion’s virtues in her, so you would think that her question would be interpreted as a good-will effort to transcend partnership. But, that’s the opposite of what happened.

The post columnist, Dana Milbank said that the gesture was an “infantilizing of the press corps” and wrote he’s “profoundly thankful that Trump and so many of his appointees have turned out to be incompetent.” . Very Thanksgivingy of him !

To add fuel to the flame his colleague Kathleen Parker, said Sanders comment was that she was “candy-coating her usual condescension with faux fellowship.” She kept on criticizing Sanders through the rest of the column about every aspect of her professional skills and she recommended to have Sanders replaced with some other journalist.

Los Angeles Times writer David Horsey began his own attack earlier this month:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders does not look like the kind of woman Donald Trump would choose as his chief spokesperson.” He continued saying that “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.”

However the Times found their own reporters work so offensive that they deleted all of it from the column and added an apology from the author.

The media attacks toward Sanders has really little to do with her, but they are just concealed hateful comments aimed directly to the President.

But Sanders is an effective and fully qualified performer of her position and she does not give an inch in defense of the president while staying cool.

Luckily Sanders’s fate is strong and, skin thick to withstand the punches they’re throwing at her no matter how low and mean they are.

Neither Chelsea, nor Ryan are qualified or have the intellect to judge Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s actions, words, or appearance.

Throwing attacks on anyone for that matter, based on the appearance, is a low and petty thing to do.

Stay strong Sanders you have the support of the real American patriots.

BREAKING NEWS About Sarah Huckabee Sanders After Suffering Devastating Attack – She Needs Support Now

Man Gropes And Harasses Women Outside Club, Doesn’t Realize One Thing Until It’s Too Late

When a man began sexually harassing two women outside of a club, he quickly learned exactly why he messed with the wrong women — both were MMA fighters.

Cesar Gracie told My MMA News about the incident, which involved his student Leslie Smith, a popular UFC bantamweight fighter. Smith’s friend was reportedly groped by the man, and she and fellow UFC fighter Heather Jo Clark quickly stepped in to help.

“Leslie approached the man and said, ‘Hey you can’t do that’ at which point the larger male responded, ‘f*** you I can do whatever I want,’” Gracie said. “Leslie retired, ‘no motherf***er you can’t.’ At this point the man became irate and spat on Leslie’s face. He then proceeded to take a punch at what he thought would be an indefensible woman. Wrong.”

It was then that a fight broke out, and Smith immediately made the man regret his decision to harass her friend.

“Leslie ducked the punch and shot in for a takedown. She quickly got to the mans back and applied a choke but decided he needed some elbow strikes and punches to learn a valuable lesson. The man unable to fend off the better fighter, desperately grabbed at Leslie’s hair and in vain resorted to fighting like a girl,” Gracie said.

“Approaching the melee was Leslie’s friend and Meisha Tate training partner, UFC fighter Heather Clark. Heather, without missing a beat, delivered a running soccer kick to the man’s nether regions. Leslie again achieved mount and delivered a series of elbows until the man, now having his face looking more like hamburger meat, yelled out that he was sorry and that he respected them. At this point Leslie disengaged and allowed the man to get up and go. He left having learned a valuable lesson and the women returned to the club.”

Smith told the site that she felt compelled to step in and defend her friend from being harassed.

“I never meant to fight him but I couldn’t let my friend get disrespected like that and he escalated it from there. I make mistakes but I try (and sometimes fail) to live by a policy of non initiation of violence,” she said.

The story quickly went viral, with many praising Smith for teaching the man a lesson.

“You go girl. He got what he deserved,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “Maybe you taught him to keep his hands to himself. If not he might get worse if he tries this again. But I doubt he will I believe he will remember you.”

“I know every woman can not successfully defeat a man but for those who can in instances like this one, I applaud you!!!” another wrote.

Sources: My MMA News, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Aristotle Labiaga/Wikimedia Commons, Matthew Walsh/Wikimedia Commons, First Marine Division

After groping two women, a man responded, “F**k you, I can do whatever I want.” Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize who those two women were until it was too late.