4-Month-Old’s Police Mom Is Killed In Duty, Then Coolers Start Showing Up To Her Home

When you think about fallen police officers, images of devestated spouses and funeral processions pop into your head. What’s often forgotten are the children who will have to grow up without a parent forever.

Brave men and women like Officer Lesley Zerebny from Palm Springs, California, put on their uniforms every day despite the danger they know is lurking around any given corner and their families waiting at home for their safe return.

Unfortunately, Officer Lesley was only 27-years-old when she was shot and killed during the investigation of a domestic dispute on October 8, 2016, leaving her husband and newborn baby girl to go on without her.

Everything, from changing diapers alone to feeding time, was different for her now-widowed husband Zack and baby girl Cora. Zack tried his best to make up for his wife’s absence, but there was one thing he couldn’t physically provide Cora – it was something only a mother could give….

Zack knew how important breast milk was for Cora’s growth and development, but with his wife gone, he had no way of providing that for her. That’s when something amazing happened!

KTVU reporter Claudine Wong, got word of Officer Lesley’s tragic story and shared how the community rallied around Zack and Cora in a very special, and undoubtedly unique way:
This effort started on social media when a family member posted asking for prayers. That family member happened to be in the Monterey area and when a local woman named Ashley asked if donated breast milk could help, she said yes and then this incredible effort got underway.

It didn’t take long but tonight more than 500 ounces of breast milk from moms the Monterey area were delivered to that family member to take back to Cora.

It was gathered in just 24 hours and they estimate that the milk could last for more than a month. It will be screened and tested before it can be used.”

Not only will this supply of breastmilk give Cora the vitamins and nutrients she needs to thrive, but it will also save Zack the money and time spent shopping for formula. He can use that precious time to raise his daughter instead!

In addition the the breastmilk donations, others have donated money through the GoFundMe page set up to support them both. Even the smallest amount could help ease the worries of a husband and daughter left to grieve.

Officer Lesley Zerebny lost her life in the line of duty a few days after returning from maternity leave. The next day, her deputy husband found a mysterious delivery at his front door.

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